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FORTIA is here – everything you need to know about sorghum

A new platform consolidates all the information that farmers and ag producers need to increase their profitability with sorghum.

In recent years, livestock management has responded to a greater demand for meat from international markets as well as agricultural innovations that  ensure maximum crop yield. Agriculture producers must guarantee stability for their innovative technology because risk in grain production is dependent upon variable weather conditions and commodity prices.

In the 1990s, with the arrival of direct sowing and biotechnology for agriculture, beef and dairy cattle production were relocated to lower agriculture potential fields.  Adapting to this new environment has forced farmers to expand their knowledge of forage production by measuring crop yield and nutritional contributions to their cattle for each crop and hybrid.  Through consistent management, farmers could determine the optimum combination to produce higher-quality meat and milk from their livestock. As a consequence, producers began to demand specific information on the efficient management of forage resources to improve the economic results of animal production. Today, producers continue to search for this valuable information in a modern and accessible way.

Until today, we have faced a lack of information accessibility on livestock forage management respect to agricultural production. From this premise, Fortia was born. Fortia is the first platform in the agricultural sector that makes this information available to the user in a friendly, modern, and simple way. In this space, you will find relevant information on corn and sorghum silage making and management and the direct grazing of forage sorghums. Fortia offers the knowledge farmers need to optimize the efficient production of kilos of meat per hectare per acre, both in pure livestock areas and mixed systems. On Fortia, you can find find insights from agricultural advisers, and hear from real agriculture producers who join this collaborative platform.

"Fortia comes, in this first stage, to provide the keys and management indicators to increase the potential production of kilos of meat per hectare, managing to maximize the profitability of livestock systems through efficient management of forage resources."

- Gaspar Sánchez Cores, Fortia Content Manager

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Advanta expects igrowth™ to reshape global sorghum cultivation.

Advanta expects igrowth™ to reshape global sorghum cultivation.

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Thailand to Peru. Delivering a sustainable corn economy to Latin America.

Advanta Seeds is committed to sustainable actions.

Advanta Seeds is committed to sustainable actions.



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